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   Posted Feb 14, 2007 - Views: 1498


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  If you watched this horrid pathetic movie with Matt Dillon, I think you'll agree with me that it was pointless, vulgarly disgusting, yet epitomizes the essence of what it truly means to be a complete LOSER, and be nothing but a leach of society. 

It's absolutely revolting to think about people like Matt Dillon's Character and his diseased skank girlfriend in the movie.  The sad part is, these worthless, bottom-feeding, pathetic humans exist, and they are mindlessly motivated by instant gratification of drugs, sex, eating, and being a lazy piece.  What kind of outlook on life is that?! 

This movie sucked and was a complete waste of everyone's time and effort that went into making it.  Definitely a step backwards for the movie industry, like most of the crap movies now being produced. 
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