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   Posted Feb 16, 2007 - Views: 3950

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  This really fucking pisses me off.  And it just happened to me, again, earlier this evening.

I was at Target with my wife, picking up a few things we needed. As soon as we got out to the parking lot, I see this idiot circling all the parking aisles, hoping that a front row spot would open up.  We headed towards our car. I just so happened to get a fairly decent parking spot, but I wasn't driving around the lot for 30 minutes trying to find it. I drop up one lane and noticed it was an open spot, so I took it.

Back to my story.  The SECOND we got close to the car and I popped the trunk to put our bags in, the idiot noticed and RACED on over. He was now about 1 foot from my bumper, almost plowing me over. He had this look on his face like "move the fuck out of my way NOW or I'll kill you."  Now, when I noticed these assholes, I do everything in my power to piss them off even more.  My wife hates when I do this, but it has to be done.   I took my grand, sweet time putting the bags away in the trunk. We only had 3 bags, but I made sure it took about 5 minutes. I dug around in the trunk, pretending to be looking for something.  I finally closed it and went in the car, only because it was 2 degrees outside and I was freezing.  Once in the car, I sat there for a few minutes and played with the radio. I had to find just the right station. Can't drive without good music. All during this time, the lazy-ass "gotta have a front row spot" dumbfuck was still behind me, blocking that entire parking lane and pissing everyone else off. He now resorted to blaring his horn and giving me the finger. 10 minutes have passed since we were walking to the car and this asshat is STILL waiting for his spot.  He could have been parked, in the store, and buying his items by now.  BUT NO HE HAD TO HAVE THAT FRONT ROW SPOT CAUSE HEAVEN FORBID HE MAY HAVE TO WALK 500 MORE FEET TO GET INSIDE...and go WALK AROUND A HUGE STORE!!! THE HORROR!!!    Fucking idiot.  Well, when he gave me the finger and started honking the horn like a damn retard, I had had enough. I got out of the car, stood next to his, and said "FUCK YOU. Do you realize you couild have been parked and inside the store by now? This was my parking spot, I was here first, and I'm not ready to give it up yet. NOW GO PARK SOMEWHERE ELSE."  I then got back in my car...started to back up, but then pulled back in. He FINALLY passed by and found another spot, making sure to blare on the horn and give me the finger, again as he passed.

I simply cannot stand idiots like that and will do everything I can to teach them a lesson. 
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