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   Posted Mar 18, 2007 - Views: 1528


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  What really chaps my ass is when people pull up next to semi trucks and then ride next to them, and holding up traffic behind them in the process, especially on a two lane highway.  Usually semi trucks have a governor or limiter that limits their speed to 55 MPH or so, so I can't really blame them, but there's more to that story.  Anyway, some folks are afraid to pass semi trucks, and I know this because I used to date someone that was afraid to pass them.  Typically older people are like this, and I think the person fears that the truck is going to run them over or not see them and switch lanes, or lose control and swerve and hit them. But isn't riding right next to them just as dangerous as the attempt to pass?  What's the difference?  I hate driving next to semi trucks because I can't see everything that's going on around me, and I'm in constant fear of a tire blowout, it's happened to me.  Having a truck driver in my family, I was educated in that fact that semi truck drivers don't like people riding next to them, it makes them nervous, especially with the risk of a possible tire blowout, and the worry of someone hanging in their blind spot.   My question to these "non-passers” is - wouldn't you rather just press that gas a little more, pass them, and get it over with and get away from them as fast as you can?  That way they're behind you and you have nothing more to worry about?  I don't get it, it's like people revel in prolonging their fear. 

What do you think?

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