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  Something that shocked me in my law class.  There's something called adverse possession (AKA:  easement by prescription).  It's basically this: if you live on someone else's land - land that's not yours - for a long enough period of time (usually 20 years), you may obtain a legally recognized title.  Meaning, if you live on land that's not yours for 20 years, and the owner doesn't know about it, YOU become the new owner of the land.

Sounds crazy right?>! 
The general conditions that need to be met are:
  1. You must use the property
  2. Must be Open about it, meaning you aren't hiding the fact that you're there.
  3. Hostile, without permission of the owner.
  4. meaning you defend it from others (even though it's not yours).
  5. Continuous, throughout the 20 years.
The reason?  Because Government says that a land owners purpose is to put land to it's most productive use.  If a land owner doesn't know that someone's living on their land for 20 years, then they are obviously not interested in using their land for any purpose.

Oh yeah, one last thing, people like Ted Turner, who owns approximately 2 million acres, has people go out on his land to check frequently for people attempting to live on his land.  Lets say he found one person that lived on his land for 15 years that he didn't know about... he kicks them off, and they come back to live on it again, their time starts over again. 
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