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  Forgive me if you are a Die-hard curling fanatic but I just don't see how this is an Olympic Sport.  Is it fun?  Perhaps.  Should it be an Olympic Sport?  I just don't see how.  Like tether-ball, I like playing it from time to time but I wouldn't watch it as an Olympic sport.  My guess is... the winter Olympics needed to fill downtime's between real sporting events, so they let the World curling federation (probably grand total of 24 people, who play for fun with a few beers in hand on their days off) be intermission entertainment. 

Just the basics of what curling is:

Pure Focus

Those are blocks of granite with cute colorful handles of assorted colors of choice.  They weigh about 44lbs. and are strategically bowled down the ice rink.  Teammates with brooms sweep the ice in front of the rock to create friction that melts the ice allowing the block to slide at varying distances as needed.  The goal is to get the blocks in painted circle areas on the ice.  The block lands in a circles and you win. Concentration, dedication, and focus to be a champion.  I'm sure the game is fun.  I just think of it as an elaborate game of horseshoes on ice.

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