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   Posted Apr 24, 2007 - Views: 1592

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Note I said MERGE, not BLOCKADE!

I drive a semi, and whats pisses me off to no end (beside the folks that pull over right in front of me(peeve coming) is folks who dreamily drive along the freeway entrance, happy and in "La-La Land" at about 40-50mph, drive along the merge lane, and THEN notice this 60ft wall of about 100k pounds of metal alongside them when they finally decide to merge into traffic.

Note folks.


1> I ain't slowing down, my brakes cost me 200$ an axle, and the more I use'm, the faster they go out.  I WILL use my nice 130db Hadley Air horns, guaranteed to cause you to give birth to something un-natural from the loudness of them

2> Takes awhile to slow down anyways, so I ain't doin it.

3> It's a merge lane, so merge dammit. And its merge at freeway/traqffic speed, not at your own damned slothy pace.



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