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   Posted Apr 26, 2007 - Views: 2807

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  Yeah, I used to work in customer service in an office store and this teacher came in to return a stapler that was broken.  She gave me her receipt and when I scanned it, it kept saying "Check Digit" which means the bar code didn't work.  When I looked at the date, she bought it 11 months ago.  I told her we couldn't return it with it being that old and we didn't even carry that model anymore.  She continued to insist that we either return it or exchage it for another of the same value.  OK this stapler was $6.99.  I told her she can't use products and then decide to return them months and months later after she's already used it up.  I put the stapler in a bag, wrote VOID on her receipt and told her to either puchase a new stapler or leave the property.  She left.
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