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  The self proclaimers that impose their religion and moral code are walking hypocrisy covered by a shroud of irresponsibility.  Jaded, they ask for forgiveness out of habit and as a knee-jerk reaction, not remorse. "I did something wrong?  Oh, I'd better ask for forgiveness and be on my merry way."  A ceremonial way of owning up to sins committed, to a god with endless forgiveness so that you can feel better by asking.  It's a sham to think your sins are shed like this. 

Because you claim membership to a religious group does not mean you are a moralistic person.  I am more moral than 90% of those in religious clans.  The hypocrisy is outrageous.  What pisses me off is when religious recruiters/members/followers try to "share" their religion with others which is nothing more than an attempt to convert "those poor lost souls" to "the right path."  Research "The White-mans burden."

I went to Catholic school, my family is very religious, and so are my friends.  I have been on one side of the fence and thought down upon those that didn't believe in the same religion that I did.  With Catholic priests, who are supposed to be exemplifying the word of god, indulging in sinful molestation, how can one's core beliefs not be rocked from their foundation?  Don't you stop to question why or do you filter out the things that challenge your beliefs. 

My point: I think people choose to believe because there are consequences for those that don't believe.  Thus, their belief is not out of morality, but out of fear of what will happen to them IF they choose not to believe.

In my opinion, a deep-seated belief cherished out of fear is hardly one's TRUE BELIEF.
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