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   Posted May 23, 2007 - Views: 2089


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  I really hate it when people don't push their carts into the cart corral when they are done with them.  Is it really that time consuming, or that difficult of a task?  Stores have to raise prices slightly in order to compensate for idiots who sue the store because of  stray carts hitting their cars, and I bet these same bastards who sue are the same lazy fucks who just leave the carts.  I'll go to the grocery store and see 4 or 5 carts just sitting there between cars, and what really blows my mind is when these asshats are parked right next to the corral and can't put them away.   My wife will tear someone a new one if she sees them just leave a cart.  It's the epitome of laziness.  Just put the carts away!
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