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   Posted May 23, 2007 - Views: 2212


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  I'm wearing a polo-shirt with a badge that plainly says "Meijer", and I am pulling merchandise from a stock-cart, and placing it in an orderly manner on the shelf.  Then the inevitable question arises........"Uhhhh, excuse me, do you work here"?  The way I do respond and the way I would like to respond are two different things, and I think you can understand why.  Usually though, I just give them a long hard look and let them figure things out for themselves, before I open my mouth.  My question is, are they that stupid that they can't determine from my actions and the surroundings that I am an employee, or are they jerking my chain?  It's hard to tell sometimes, but that is my biggest retail pet peeve.  People, do the retail clerks a favor, and think before you ask stupid questions.
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