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....This happened a ways back, but I still get a good laugh (and a warm feeling ) whenever I remember this...!

...My ex-girlfriend put it litely....a bitch...but a "proud to be a bitch" type...the worst of all of them. For starters, she lived in Winter Park, which is the "yuppie haven", and totally played the part...but where she actually lived was the very outskirts of Winter Park...which was a fairly "rundown" area....but she had the attitude of a "dowtowner".. anyways....we got into a conversation about getting married...and after "informing" me that an engagement is "supposed to be worth half my yearly income" (can you believe that shit ?), she also goes straight into the "having kids" segment. That's where I threw in a roadblock and told her that I didn't want (and never wanted, for that matter) kids.... Well, she basically threw a tantrum and said "If you won't, I'll just find someone who will !", after a couple of months, she dumps me (after treating me like dog-shit).

So I go on with my new life, met a wonderful "surfer chick" (who later became my wife), and about a year later, my girl and I are walking through the mall, when I hear my name being called. I turn and look, and theres my ex.....knocked up !!! (she wasn't even married yet...). Well my girl and I take one look, burst out laughing, and then turn around and continue walking, still trying not to pee ourselves !!!

...a few years later, I ran into a friend of mine (who also knew my ex). He proceeded to tell me how she had 2 kids with some guy, got married, then divorced soon after.....(I could have been that poor chump paying child support !!!). Talk about dodging a bullet....

....happy to say, my "surfer chick" and I have been married 13 years now, and no children (...well, our 2 dogs that get treated better than most kids...).

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