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   Posted Jul 03, 2007 - Views: 1743


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There's really no particular story here, but this family I knew (dad, mom, daughter) were all ....literally...retarded drivers !

First, they were from Boston; home to the stupidest, most inconsiderate drivers of all time !! They all drove exactly the same....half the speed limit (the mother got ticketed once for driving too slow...!), and with one foot on the brake at all times, so if you're following them, the brake-lights are constantly on ! ( year, they replaced the brakes on a car 3 times !! And they fucking couldn't figure out why !!).

The daughter (who was uglier than sin...) caused 3 accidents in one year; the last one her father drove to the scene and convinced the other motorist to say he was the driver, so his daughter wouldn't loose her license !

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