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i have 2 jobs, a hospital and a video store.  these are my stories.

a lady calls on the phone asking how to tell if a disc is scratched.   here's a paraphrased version of the conversation

Customer: "Yeah, hi, um, how can you tell if a disc is scratched?"

Me: "Turn it over and look at it."

C: "I mean when you're watching it."

M: "The picture will freeze, it will jump to different scenes, the picture will become all pixelated...any of those things."

C:"Well what if it's not doing any of those things?"

I hung up on her.


a man comes to my office requesting records.  another paraphrased version of our conversation:

Customer: "I'd like copies of all my records."

Me: "Ok.  Are these going to an area physician's office?  We can send them directly to the doctor if you'd like."

C:"No, they're for my own personal use."

Me: "Ok, just fill out this release form for me. (to signify dates of service and proof of identity)

C: "Can you do it for me?  I can't read."

and people say eugenics is a BAD idea.

thank you ladies and gentlemen, you've been a wonderful audience.

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