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Popular television depicts criminals to be mastermind terrorists capable of taking over the world, but in reality, criminals are pretty stupid, which is why they became criminals in the first place. Here are some true examples.

A man with a bag goes to Wells Fargo bank during the day and writes on the back of a pamphlet he has "this iz a stikkup!!! put yor muny in this bag". So he proceeds in line patiently and presents the note to the teller. Judging by the writing, the teller guessed that the criminal wasn't very smart. "I'm sorry," she began "but you wrote this on the back of a Bank of America pamphlet, and this is Wells Fargo. Please present that to Bank of America instead." The criminal was crestfallen and walked across the street to Bank of America. While he was gone, the teller phoned the police. The police caught him waiting in line at Bank of America.

A man holds up a gunstore at knifepoint. He is shot by 3 employees.

A man is arrested and is on trial because a large bulge in his jacket was suspected to be a firearm. "Nonsense," the man says, so he removed his jacket (the same one, which he happened to be wearing that day) to the judge to inspect himself, and the judge finds a bag of cocaine. The judge took a short recess to compose himself from all the laughing.

A woman takes her car to have an oil change. When the workers opened the hood, they found a large bag of marijuana. The woman is arrested and she is told about the bag of marijuana. She replies with "You had to open the hood!?"

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