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You ever have that teacher that does nothing but piss you off? Well, I DO! The fuckhead walks around the damn school looking for eithor me or my friends to annoy the living crap out of. Here's one case, you're sitting in the cafeteria, eating you lunch, and being as quiet as possible, when the next thing you know, WHAM!!!, fish face comes over to annoy you. We call him fish face cause thats all he talks about, fish, fish,fish,fish, FISH!!! And my mom wonders why I hate the stuff. She says, "but you use to love the stuff." Well you're not the one who has to deal with a dumbass at 7:30 in the morning for FIVE FUCKING DAYS OF THE WEEK!!!!

Sorry got off topic there back to buisness. Anyway, so you're sitting there, eating your lunch and being quiet. Fish face comes over and says, in this horrible country acscent, " Well naw, do you know you're the loudest ones in the lunchroom?" Then the asswhipe has the balls to point to me and say "And you're the loudest one of them all! Yellin' and screamin' in the Lord's house." (Yes, this is a church school, someone SAVE ME!!!!)

Now, I'm sitting here, thinking, 'Your stupid ass comes over here, yelling at us saying we're the loudest, fucking ones in the lunchroom, when there are a group of kids sitting over there in the corner banging on the fucking walls, cussing as loud as their damn voices can go, and you in here and yell at us? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR DAMN MIND?!' Now, right when i'm about to repeat what just went off in my head, my friend saves the dumb fuck. "But, sir, what about the ones in the corner?"  He replies with, " Well, they're not as loud as you are." Now, remember what I said earlier, kids in corner, loud as possible, and we're are suppose to be louder than them? Go shoot yourself!

Now, I'm sitting in my chair, hand over mouth, my other friend trying, very, very, VERY hard to keep me calm, waiting for him to leave. When he finally does stop ranting and goes back to his seat, my friends take me down to the bathroom, under the impression that I'm sick, and i began to scream, in Spanish so that noone understnds me, exactly what I think about the cock-faced SOB that was upstairs. My friends told me my eyes were red, and i broke one of the sinks(luckly it was one of the old bathrooms, the ones that noone checks). I had to call me mom and tell her I wasn't feeling well, because if I didn't leave that right then, I would've be on death row right now for the things I would've done to him.


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