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Jesus christ, when did the hobo fashion become so fun all of a sudden? Is the color scheme being pushed to its outter limits. Maybe these gals missed the moments but the colors are supposed to work positively on one another, not look like human abstract from a baby! I'll make the list short and sweet. Keep up, kids.

  • Really long beads wrapped around the neck once that still go below the chest
  • Two or three of these damn necklaces, all different, loud, obnoxious neon colors.
  • Some tight zebra striped shirt that shows off the baby fat.
  • Some other shirt over this that defies logic, because it is a complementary color on the color wheel.
  • Those annoying ass loud neon ballet shoes
  • REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY tight pants that show off the child baring hips and thunder thighs
  • Obnoxious amounts of makeup tantamount to a Ronald McDonald photoshoot
  • UGLY-ASS Extensions that obviously look fake
  • Obnoxious streaks on these extensions
  • Gross septum piercings

Throw this all together and you have scene. Jesus christ, indeed, eh? I've actually asked these girls, "Did you just fall out of a closet full of clothes and go out the door?"

Worst of all these gals do the STUPIDEST poses for Myspace. You've seen it... jesus, hips bent, hand on hips, a stupid pucker on the lips, another hand lifting up the hair in some wannabe fashion sense. Some stupid moniker like VICIOUS or MURDER or hXc!! Please, you bitches aren't hXc... Here's a few examples.



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