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   Posted Jan 08, 2008 - Views: 1364


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God, I'm SOOO FUCKING TIRED of seeing all these little scene bitches running around wearing their stupid Hello Kitty memorabilia. Jesus, who decided it would suddenly be cool? Huh? All these faggot diamond necklaces, the wristbands, the backpacks, the shoes, the purses, the lipgloss, GOD! You bitches probably didn't even know about Hello Kitty until it became the scene thing. What a bunch of posers. My Gf doesn't even wear Hello Kitty anymore because of who is associated with it now. All you sluts out there had to ruin it for the rest of us. And worst of all, you act all big shit, saying you loved Hello Kitty way before it ever became popular, STFU, no you didn't, ho bag! Surely, once the scene look changes, and it's on to Sesame street, like I'm starting to see, soon Hello Kitty will be gone, and everyone will call it sad... But what's sad is the mindless bitches that flock around these stupid monikers as the result of an insipid attempt to justify their social status, which is, needless to say, deplorable, perhaps mediocre at best. Fuck all of you, get your own look, bitches. At least Hardcore transcended metal and punk and hiphop, and synthesized into something descent looking. You gals are just hopeless.

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