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   Posted Feb 14, 2008 - Views: 1374


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Ya'll are sad. You look up to Seventeen, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, etc. like it's the fucking bible.... Ok, lemme just point out something. IT'S ALL BULLSHIT...100 Ways to Please a Man? How to become rich with 5 bucks? How to make yourself a sex goddess? Come on you faggots. First off, if you have you to look to a fucking 10cent magazine for marital tips, you shouldn't even be in a damn relationship. Second, you can't become rich by 5 bucks. Statistically speaking, it's impossible. And shut up about those 1 in 1,000,000 cases... You're not that lucky! And if you need to go to a magazine for sex, other than Club (Love the photos xD), you're obviously a virgin and I wouldn't frisk you if you payed me. Me and my girlfriend have this crazy theory that... Oh... I dunno... TALKING TO EACH OTHER TO LEARN OUR SPOTS MIGHT ACTUALLY WORK BETTER THAN INK ON PAPER!!! I hate you guys who reference real life with the bullshit you read in magazines. Maybe something like "Sucking a beavers dick removes age marks" will make you girls realize that the magazine ISN'T SOLID FACT!... Lmao... I bet there's some schmo at home reading this, here and now, saying "Hmmm... Beavers..." and 2 weeks from now will sue me for frivilous statements. Oi, magazines are such delusions of grandeur...

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