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Ok, here's the thing. Imagine this situation. Your professor is saying he needs the class to sign a piece of paper to control who goes to class and who doesn't. So he asks people to write down as well if they have to arrive late or leave early.

And what this "cool-smart-fantastic" people in the background say???

"Hey, I know, I know, listen. I'm going to write down "I arrive late" and "I leave early", so I don't have to come to class EVER! I'm such a genious!".

And you know what is sad? That all the time they are laughing, and they are raising their voices, and the professor hear them, and just shakes his head, and I just look at them, thinking: "Hell, it's your first day! You suscribed to this class a week ago, and now you want to get out? You are insane". It's a shame. They are so stupid, they think they are so smart, that they are making the professor want to kill them. I don't think they're going to pass the test easily.

And don't even get me started on the two idiots that are kicking each other's legs under the table while my professor is talking and explaining something crucial for the test. I just want to get up and yell at them.

Oh, and a clarification... I finished school four years ago. ALL OF THE ABOVE, I SAW IT IN COLLEGE, IN MY JUNIOR YEAR. I can't understand why they are such idiots. It's their career, it's their life, but I can't stand that kind of stupidity!

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