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   Posted Mar 07, 2008 - Views: 1978


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...Ok I'll draw it out. Some like,  fourteen year old wannabe gangsta with the double XL clothing and double XL ignorant attitude is being a douche bag at the library, and is asked several times to get out... Oh, and this prick is wearing sunglasses inside as well, fucking idiot. I digress.... Finally, me and the librarian, his name's Marco and he's a fucking badass, get fed up and call security. I don't work there, I've simply gone there ever since it opened, so I feel a need to remove idiotic assholes like him from a place I've grown up on. Security comes, and this guy starts throwing up his hand saying "Huh? What? Yea... What? Huh?" (laughing on the inside at this point.) He then looks directly at me and starts walking towards me. I can't take it. He looks like the fucking Hunchback of Notre Dame walking towards me. I literally burst out laughing and start pantamiming his walk in place. Soon, the security guard, and both Marco and Rachel (other librarian, she's badass too) are laughing heavily. The guy says "Yea, fuck ya'll..." and walks out in that SAME damn walk... Ok.... I have one question here....

HOW THE FUCK DO THEY LEARN TO WALK LIKE THAT? Do they like stand in a mirror and critique themselves. Do they run experiments with different tests to see which pair of oversized jeans JUST fits the image? The right shirt? Maybe a throwback, perhaps a wifebeater. Who knows? Do they have like.... Tapes for learning how to walk? Or maybe he was in the library to check out Crip Walking For Dummies?... Lmfao omg please if you ever see some one walking like that, especially after a confrontation and trying to act all tough... Please... Savor it, laugh at it. Then tell me... Am I wrong? 

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