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   Posted Mar 09, 2008 - Views: 1505

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  I hate it when people call you and fucking complian about their life. if they open thier eyes they would see how great thier life really is.
Like mine i could being locking myself in the bathroom crying my eyes out trying to work up the nervous to cut myself and let the blood run out of me but fuck you not there are to many people counting on me like my two babies. or the fucking idots who think i can't do it land i would never amount to anything. fuck off to all of them. so fuck all of you who complain about your fucking lifes. when you could be in a worst place then where you are at i should know i have been there and back so instead of bitching about life either do everyone a favor and kill yourself or just LIVE LIFE. do something great like piss others off by diding what you love what ever it is. if it harms non do it.           
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