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   Posted Mar 24, 2008 - Views: 5763


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I am very disappointed with society.  I never thought that i would be ashamed of my generation. UGHHHH!!!

Can anyone please explain to me the whole "Scene" phase that everyone is going through?  Please make sense out of this for me cause it it pissin me off like no other.  And whats with emo? OMG im sorry, but men should be men!!!  Fuck all this "cry my eyes out and then wear my little sister's baby gap jeans, man fuck that.  Look at society, there are no "men's men" anymore, its all eyeliner wearing man-ginas running around crying and thinking their life is sooooo bad because their mom didnt let them stay out late last night.  Wow, am i going to be excited when those are the people running the world, i honestly hope the world ends before that.  I take all this stupid ass fashion and fake music as the sign of the apocalypse. All these new "emo" bands truely suck in concert anyways...

What has this world come to, honestly?

I dont know about you, but i dont want to be with a guy wearing size 00 skinny jeans from FOrever 21 when im sittin next to him in size 7 from walmart.

well i feel better now  peace

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