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   Posted Mar 28, 2008 - Views: 1673


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holy FUCK!
this is pissing me off sooo bad.

seriously, my neighbor must think that shes the only one with dogs on the street.

that dumb ugly dog was out for at least an hour, while my dogs are peeing on the carpet because they have to go so bad.  i cant let my dogs out while her stupid one is because they run along the fence and get muddy then we gotta clean them all up. UGHHH

so anyways, finally, they let the damn thing in. so i let my dogs out. and not 5 minutes later, i hear all kinds of barking and craziness going on outside. THAT FUCKING DOG IS BACK OUTSIDE. my dogs (all 4 of them) are so covered in mud, i have to go out in the mud to grab the smallest one becauseshe doesnt listen. its like what the fuck are you doing?  aknowledge that other people need to let their dogs out too.

haha i go to schol with the girl, and she doesnt do shit around the house, thats why the dogs are out all the time.

but its ok now, my great pyraneese is out and barking like mad. ill let him annoy her for a little longer before letting him in.

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