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   Posted Apr 29, 2008 - Views: 1473


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I woke up just an hour ago and walk into the den to see what my mom is watching... And lo and behold. What do I see? This bullshit!

This bullshit right here... Miley Cyrus in a "RAUNCHY" photo! Raunchy? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! LET THE GIRL DO WHAT SHE WANTS! FUCK ,SHIT, PISS, CUNT, DAMNIT!!!

I'm so sick of this bullshit. The fans can't grow up and let someone do what they want with their career. The girl obviously has a gorgeous body, let her show it! There's nothing fucking wrong with it. SHE'S NOT EVEN SHOWING HER BOSOMS! Stop your crying and get a reality check you mother fuckers. She shouldn't have to apologize for wanting to show off her beauty. Shit, Marilyn Monroe did it! Cameron Diaz has done it. Hayden has done it, why the fuck can't Miley do it? Oh, because she works with Disney once upon a time? Grow the fuck up people. Daniel Radcliffe FUCKED A HORSE in a play and he didn't get nearly as much flack as this gal is getting. If you're reading this article and tisking Miley Cyrus, then you, my friend, are officially stupid! 

Oh and one more thing... No I'm not a fan of Hannah Montana and think the concept should burn in hell. I just think the girl has a right to express her beauty.

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