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   Posted May 05, 2008 - Views: 1576


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I worked as a front desk clerk during college. I used to like people. Then I worked customer service. I don't like people anymore.

You would be surprised how much people complain just to get a discount. People will pull things out of their ass just to get a few dollars off. And they are mean about it! They will come to the desk and yell at you about the one little hair in the tub (as if you put it there) and demand either a free room or a discount. If people came to me with a complain and were nice about it, I always gave a generous discount. If people came and yelled at me, I would smile a fake smile and apologize for the inconvenience and offer a small discount.

Wouldn't you rather leave a hotel with your dignity than with a couple extra bucks in your pocket?

Seniors, too, were the worst. Always demanded the "senior discount". And again, if they were nice, I was happy to be accomidating. But most of them pull up in their $40,000 Lincolns and come in and want the cheapest room available with a discount on top of it, and boy do they feel entitled to it. Cheap crabby  rich old motherfuckers.

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