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   Posted May 11, 2008 - Views: 1444


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  If I have to sit during Breakfast tutorial, Lunch, English IV, Physics, Biotech, or any other fucking class room one more time and listen to the SAME fucking people go ON AND ON AND ON AND FUCKING ON about World Of Warcraft, I'm gonna chew my fingers off... SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT!!! It's not that great! I've heard that people haved DIED, get that? Died! over this stupid fucking game. No I've never played it, and I never will. And people tell me, "You just say that cause you never played it." Yea, well I've watched plenty of people play it and it's not that great. My friend Gilbert told me another one of my friends was selling his account for $800. 800 FUCKING BUCKS?! The sad thing is, this happens all the time. People are getting kicked out of apartments, taking out mortgages, dropping school, etc. for this POS MMORPG. Is this really what the world is coming to? Mindless faggots talking about online avatars like it's the greatest thing on Earth? Go outside and fucking toss a football, you screen fucking, cyber sucking fuckwits! You all are officially, stupid!
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