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What the hell is wrong with people nowadays?  Why would you let some fuck up rule your world?  How can you let some asshole abuse you?  It just saddens me that people allow shitwads to fuck up their lives, and they don't realize it until after wasting a lot of precious (years) time.  I know that it is hard to leave someone that is abusive, but damn it get help and do it.  This lady I know from work  left her husband after 12 years for abusing her.  Nobody even knew that she was being abused until she left and spoke out.  She shared her story and maybe this will inspire someone out there to get help that needs it...

She said that her husband never laid a hand on her when they were dating, and he was rather charming.  After they tied the not her Prince Charming turned into a total toad.  He was rude to her family, friends, and coworkers and if she said anything about not liking what she said he would yell at her nonstop.  Not even a month after being married he began to physically abuse her.  She says she will never forget him choking, slapping, punching, kicking, and screaming at her.  When she tried to fight back so she could breathe he actually ripped the shirt off of her back.  She remembers screaming for help, and knowing that his family was nearby thinking that someone would get him off of her.  No one came to her rescue, and even commented the next day how they heard her screaming for her life but decided not to get involved. 

The physical abuse continued to escalate and she finally called the Police after nearly 1 year.  She let his ass rot in jail, but her mistake was not moving on.  She kept in contact with him while he was locked up, and he promised to change once he got out.  Things did change instead of being physically abusive he became more verbally and financially abusive.  He called her every name but her name, and he would fuck off her money every waking moment.   She said she was so embarrassed and ashamed wondering what people would think, and that's why she never left.  She just stayed and continued to be abused he wiped her out financially.  He totaled one of her vehicles, and had another one repossesed because he lied about making payments when he took her money.  He refused to provide basic needs for her, and she said she felt like she was stuck with a damn leech ass roomate.  She ended up taking jobs she hated just to make ends meet, and she couldn't get him to realize that you can't spend more than you make.   Her wake up call came when his estranged daughter was dropped off at their home because her mother rather whore around than be a mother.  She thought why the hell would I want to bring a child of my own into this crazy mess.  She said "This fuck up didn't give a shit about me, my needs, or providing for me.  If he won't take care of me he won't take care of a child."   

She was sick and tired of feeling empty and depressed inside, so she left.  She said she didn't give a shit about leaving shit behind, and took whatever she could, and hasn't looked back.  She said that her only regret is that she allowed this man to "Waste my time, and fuck up my life." 



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