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I honestly don't understand some rules.  I mean, sure, the school library is supposedly a place strictly for reading-but come on!

My friend and I come routinely to the library during study hall and all the librarians know us .  . .

We grab a seat in the "reading only zone" and he starts reading while i doodle in my notebook.  Everything is fine for about 10 minutes until one of the librarians calls my friend up and starts yelling at him and tells him to stop talking.  She didn't call me up, but I went up anyways to see what the matter was.  Then, she shot me a dirty look and told me that we were in  " The Reading Zooooooone"  and we shouldn't be doing anything else but reading.  I got real irritated because he and I haven't said anything since we sat down and told her that we weren't doing anything.  "We didn't even say a word!"  Then she got this real haughtly look on her face and told us that we were communicating . . . THROUGH BODY LANGUAGE!  Apparently my friend's occasional peak over my shoulder to see what I was drawing was "DISTRACTING TO THE OTHER READERS"  (not true-considering they had no idea what was going on when they called my friend up) Then she told my friend to sit down and she told me to stay.  She said, "Now, it's very unbecoming for a young women to flirt like that in public . . ."  (She then moves her body in a cheap "flirtatious" way)  Lady apparently doesn't know what flirting is.  . .crazy physco nun . . . Errrrrrrr. 

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