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   Posted Jun 19, 2008 - Views: 1562


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I hate stupid people that say stupid things so much.  Any ways I had the misfortune of having to contact customer service today , and ended up speaking with the stupidest rep that this company had available.  Her name was Mrs. Stoker.  Now this dumb ass bitch Mrs. Stoker is fucking hard of hearing, and incompetent.  Now when I call customer service I am not screaming, or yelling so I don't expect to get screamed or yelled at because the rep is a fucking tard.  The reason for my call was that my wi-fi wasn't working properly, and a screen popped up directing me to call customer service.  I had to get some work done on the go so I give customer service a call and here's how my conversation went.

Mrs Stoker: Can you please hold?

Me: Yes!

Mrs Stoker: Can you verify your account information?

Me: Yes!

Mrs. Stoker: Thank you!  How can I help you?

Me: My laptop is unable to connect to the internet, and I recieved an error message instructing me to call customer service.

Mrs Stoker (With attitude): What do you want me to do about it?

Me: I want you to make it work so that I can do work.

Mrs. Stoker (With more attitude): Well I don't understand your internet should work at home.

Me: I'm not at home.  I'm in Chicago.  My WI-FI card was damaged once before.  Do you think it may be damaged again, or is it another problem?

Mrs. Stoker (With bitch like intensity): I don't understand you're confusing me.  Your internet should work at home.

Me (breaking down everything Big Bird style): Look I am not at home.  I am away on business in another city, and state.  My WI-FI connection is not working.  Can  you find someone to help you help me?

Then there was silence.  Someone with sense was able to assist me, and instructed me to go to the nearest service center so that they could fix my problem.  I don't know if this bitch Mrs. Stoker was having a bad day, or what.  However, I just had to plogg her stupidity.  Damn it why do some customer service reps have to be so shitty if you hate your job, life, and so on then  change it.  Plus don't complain when they send your fucking job overseas to another idiot that barely has a grasp of the English language.  Idiots everywhere you're an idiot because you don't fucking listen, and you will never understand.

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