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   Posted Jun 28, 2008 - Views: 1868

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I am Mexican, I don´t know how´s the system like in your countries, but here you first order the drinks and then the food. The other day, I went to some restaurant and the waitress asked:

What would you like?

An orange juice, please.

Something else?

No, that would be all.

( She talking like I´m a retard) Something else?

(Confused) No...

Then she left.

And then I understood the bitch thought that was all I wanted. She thought I was wasting her time when I was just asking for the fucking drinks.  I truly cannot believe she, being a waitress, doesn´t know the fucking system. She finally sent another waitress, and this stupid bitch ended with NO TIP.

I think few things are as annoying as a retard thinking he´s the smart one. Besides, I don´t wanna sound like a dick, but I was the client, and therefore, the one with the higher economic status. That makes it WAY MORE annoying.

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