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   Posted Jul 01, 2008 - Views: 1741

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Haven´t you met retarded individuals that just don´t get what you´re saying and then think YOU are the retarded one?

Some days ago, at school, we had a debate on eating or not to eat meat. I said: Meat has a lot of proteins, and it is very very good for a human, but, it´s not necessary to eat it. And they just "stayed" there like morons, and then they said: So?

Ok, their highly retarded brains heard this: Meat is good but meat is not good.  Fucking retards, it makes me SOOO mad!

I said meat is good, but you don´t have to eat an animal as if it was the law, or just because it tastes good. (I´m not a vegetarian).

I hate when you say white and they hear black in their fucking heads.

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