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   Posted Jul 05, 2008 - Views: 1287

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  Ok so I do use chatrooms, I wont pretend I dont. But I dont live my life out of one, and those who do seriously piss me off. There is a difference between going in once a week for an hour for a general chat and banter and spending every waking moment in a chat room. I have met a few really cool people in chat rooms, but 99.9% of chatters are dumbasses I couldnt give a shit about. I dont care care if Candy gets pissed off because I am talking to Hero, her online boyfriend - these are people I dont know and dont care to ever know, its not like we are ever going to meet. Online relationships are retarded.... but online relationships that only take place in chat rooms  are a TOTAL joke. Even worse when the participants of this online relationship get all worked up that other people get involved - Hey dumbass, if u dont want others involved, take your relationship out of a chat room.... even better get off the internet all together and go out and find a real partner!!!

I also hate chatters who get all hardcore and threatening in a chatroom because someone has offended them, fucking idiots - whats this really gonna achieve, u dont know them, dont know where they live... do u really think you are frightening? Do you think I am scared  of someone I will never in my life meet who lives on the otherside of the world??!!

Chatroom Speech is another big annoyance of mine.... words like "kewl", "dun", "dat", "huggies" and many others dont actually exist. Using them does not make u look cool or cute, it just makes you look like another uneducated moron.

Instigating sexual conversation PISSES me off so much, I dont have a sexual motivation for chatting, so when I am talking to a guy and he asks "so what turns u on?" or anything else about sex, I get really annoyed. I am sure some of you have also come across this kind of person. Once you get passed the niceties and think this person is alright, they bring up sex. There is nothing wrong with my sex life, if I need to discuss it, I will with my partner, If I want to play, I will with my partner in privacy. Cyber sex is merely masturbation in front of a screen and not exactley romantic. I couldnt be turned on by it.

I could go on about this all day, but these are the main things that piss me off. Like I say, I am not totally against chatrooms just the chatters who dont seem to have anything else in their life. 
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