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   Posted Jul 10, 2008 - Views: 1439

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  Some people are just too stupid!!!

I dont normally watch shit like big brother, but tonight I was at a friends house and it was on so I suffered through it. This week Pamela Anderson is in Ausralia promoting animal rights or something and KFC's cruel chicken farming (which I might add, doesnt apply to KFC in Australia). Anyway she made some guest appearence on Big Brother and has entered the house for three days. The house mates were given a task to do some swimwear photo shoot, under the direction of Pammy, who as we all know, has a lot of experience in this field. One of the housemates, Alice (who is a vetinarian) was wearing this sexy little swimsuit and laying by the pool drapped in a fishing net. Pammy continued to tell Alice how sexy and beautiful she looked, and then said..... "your beautiful, just like a dolphin caught up in a fishing net".....WTF!!?? I cant get my head around how a supposed "animal activist" can suggest to a vet that being like a dolphin trapped in a net is sexy?!? I might be reading too much into what she said but it just seemed like a dumbass thing to say from one supposed animal lover to another. what do other people think?

Also, I just want to say that I'm loving this site - its nice to know I am not alone in hating stupid people.... sadly something I feel way too often.
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