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What the fuck is wrong with these fucking bitches that have such low self esteem or insecurities! Once they meet their "Supposedly Mr. RIght" they hold on to them and forbid them to hang out they way they did before and sever any ties with women they had as friends. (women who aren't a threat I guess)

I am married. We're both laid back and not jealous! If he wants to go have lunch with a girl - friend, its fine with me! and I can also hang out with a Guy Friend.  All my friends were guys throughout high school because women are fucking psychos!.

Well, now all my friends found girls who are fucking pathetic and don't let them hang out with me. What is the big fucking deal? Well obviously it takes two to tango. These guys are too much of a wuss to fucking say anything about it.  I guess in the end they are giving them the blowjobs, not me so what can I expect.

Still though! don't you get fucking tired of their pressure on you men? and don't give me that crap that it may have something to do with me.  These bitches did not like me from the get go! Face it! one of them never even met me and she decided not to like me!!  Just fucking admit it! you are going out with a girl who is insecure about  a possibility of me and you going to bed.  Get over yourselves women! What makes you think I want to fuck your ugly ass man! WE ARE FRIENDS! if we needed to fuck, we would have done so already and whether we did or we didn't well then it obviously means it wasn't good enough to continue!

What else do you need! you already locked your legs around him so he wouldn't pull out and deliberately got pregnant! Even my fucking brother can't hang out alone with me! can you fucking believe it! what the fuck is that about???

Girls, guess what? the TIMES i DO hang out with them... I ask them "Are you in love with her? or do you love her?"  THEY ALL SAY " I love her"  and he'll NEVER say that to you! so I'm sure you understand YOU aided in that answer.  If they're going to do it, they're going to do it.

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