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   Posted Jul 20, 2008 - Views: 1471


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You know it really pisses me off that messy, unorganized, stupid slobs just sit on their asses and blame others for their sloppy habits...  I just want to scream every time some messy ass idiot complains about losing shit, and then begins to blame everyone else for their sloppiness.

This guy I work with is the most unorganized and messiest person I have worked with.   He starts every day by ranting and raving about somebody taking his stuff.  Then he apologizes later in the day after what he was searching for falls from the clutter surrounding him.  One time the janitor cleaned his office, and he went ballistic because he couldn't find anything.  The janitor only emptied the trash and swept the floor, and left his messy desk messy as it always was.  He tried to blame the janitor for throwing away a report he couldn't find.  Needless to say he found the report on his messy desk later, and the janitor never cleaned his area again.  This idiot actually has the nerve to tell others how to maintain, an organized workspace.  WTF.  How can you tell someone else how to be more organized if you are extremely unorganized? 

I am only waiting for the day when he is buried alive underneath all of the trash, bitten by insects and rodents, and the higher ups use a 10 foot pole to place a pink slip on top.

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