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   Posted Jul 21, 2008 - Views: 2174

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I was in a cornerconvenience store yesterday when this angry woman barges in and butts in front of the customer at the cashier.

"You short-changed me!" she shouts "Do you think I wouldn't notice? You... people are always stealing. (he's East Indian, she's South African) Give me back my money! Give me my money NOW before I call the police!"

"I'm sorry miss, how much were you short-changed?"

"Three cents! Do you expect me to take that from my own purse? I'm not that stupid! You can't fool me!" her rants continued but faded out as she was walking away from the store.


Damn thing is, this crazy lady is my neighbor. I was hiding behind the potato chips so she wouldn't see me. No shit, it was three cents.



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