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   Posted Jul 23, 2008 - Views: 1684

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  I am a desert and appetizer chief at a nice restaurant and we had a party of 32 two people reserved for dinner.  My boss had asked them once on the phone, when they made reservations, and once again when they came o eat that if they had any special requests for dessert that they make sure to let the waitress know when she took their order for their meal.  The waiter asked and they said that they would not stay for dessert.  At the end of their meal the had a change of heart and asked the waiter for 32 peanut brittle sundays.  Now these sundays are a fucking BITCH to make consisting of three ice cream scoops, whip cream, peanut brittle crumble, and a chunk of brittle, plus fucking hot chocolate sauce.  My boss approves the order because they spent a lot of money and booze and food so now I'm flooded with sunday orders, which I don't have enough bowls for, not to mention any other dessert orders that come through not for the party.  I also have the responsibility of shucking oysters and that is also a time consuming task and one which I had to do first since if the oysters are left out in the hot kitchen for to long they will go bad. After ten minutes working on the 13 oysters I use chowder blows to fit the parties order.  which takes me half and hour because of lack of space and the shittiest wait staff know to man kind.  So finally the order gets out to these people who complain because it to so long to get out and leave a shitty tip for the waiter who gets pissed at me. 

Also on the not of wait staff, if you a waiter or waitress and ever complain about the money your making you deserved to be slapped.  I mean fuck not only are you and wage you also get fucking tips I means $200-$400 dollars a night in cash and you bitch about money.  Fuck you Fuck you.  You know in Cali its a law the to front and back of the house have to have the same wage.  But does the back get in on the tips.  Fuck no and you complain.  I make $9 dollars an hour and work 16 hour shifts some days and I have all the skills, training, and knowledge a chief needs to work in a fast paced hot kitchen environment.  The front of the house makes $9 dollars and hour plus 200-400 dollars in tip and work at max 10 hours and you need no fuck hard training or shit for you job.  So you do less, work less, and know less, but make more.  Fuck All Of You BITCHES waiters and stupid fucking customers.
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