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   Posted Jul 26, 2008 - Views: 1524


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You know I really don't care if someone decides that they want to kill all of their brain cells doing drugs.  However, I do care when this same person decides to blame everyone around them for failing their drug test.   How can you blame anyone else for your elective drug use?  Are they shoving a joint to your lips, and threatening you to smoke it?  Did they shove the needle in your arm?  What illegal drug did the people around you force you to put in your body against your will? 

The reason I am ranting about this is because this stupid ass began to go off on his girlfriend about not getting a job because he failed a hair follicle test.  His exact stupid comment was "It's your fault that I failed my drug test.  Because you asked me when was the last time I did drugs, and you said I would fail if I had did drugs in the last six months.  You JANKED me!  I have never failed a drug test before it's because of your negative thinking, and speaking that I FAILED the drug test, and didn't get the job." 

All I could think was WTF.  This guy is truly and idiot and needs to stop the excessive drug use because he is killing the few brain cells he has left.   I don't know about everyone else, but I got better things to waste my money and mind on than drugs.

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