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   Posted Aug 02, 2008 - Views: 1566


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So I was watching some show not too long ago  (20/20 or Dateline or something like that) and i saw this story about this dude who went out and kidnapped a little girl, took her to his little "dungeon" in his basement and kept her there for years, repeatedly raping and physically assaulting her. 

The girl (obviously) got away eventually, she escaped when he took her with him to get some groceries and she finally was able to flee. 

I was thinking about this story last night and it just got me so fucking angry!!!  What type of sick freak to you have to be to take a sweet young child away from her home and do such unspeakable things to her! I'm so sick of all these types of stories of sick little pervert men hurting women and young children!!! I'm tired of guys grabbing my ass and thinking that just because they feel like it or they're horney it's ok for them to do anything they want to just cuz they want some "action" or whatever. 

So my point is: no means no, no matter who the girl is, no girl appreciates a guy coming up to her and just grabing any part of her body when the mood strikes him, and just because you feel like it, it's SO not ok to ruin a kid's life just to fulfill your pervy needs!!!

It's just greedy and inconsiderate!!! I know that most guys aren't like this at all and i'm not one of those bra-burning, man-hating femanist types but I'm just tired of these stories that I just had to say something.

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