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   Posted Aug 04, 2008 - Views: 1700

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  Hello everybody new here. I joined because stupid people make me want to SCREAM.

I belong to this other site attacking this person all day simply for there lack of intelligence. She was just making me want to pull my hair out, smash my head against the wall or something! She was driving me insane!

She made a post asking if anybody like to inflict pain and suffering on animals. I posted what the heck is wrong with you, I think you need help lady. She responded with nothing is wrong with me. Maybe you are the one that needs help. And that she was sorry that I was having a bad day, that she hoped that it would be better tomorrow. I was like you are the one posting such a morbid question, but I have the problem? What the hell!

Later she was trying to tell me that the typewriter was invented in the 17th century. I went and searched for proof for her, telling her it was the 18th century. Her argument was that the 17th century and the 18th century was the SAME century.

I got kicked off the site. She is still there.

I swear some people are only alive because it is against the law to shoot them!
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