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   Posted Aug 06, 2008 - Views: 2316

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  I work in a Cafe, today a customer ordered 2 lattes and 2 pizza subs and flashed me her seniors card. I told her the total for her order, with the 10% seniors discount came to $13.85. "No, thats wrong, its only $12" she replied. I checked the screen and assured her the price was $13.85", so she proceeded to argue with me that I was lying because last week the same order only cost her $12. I tried changing her order too 2 small lattes but that still came to $12.90, I asked her if that was what she wanted, but she just got angrier and told me she wanted the regular size lattes, with the subs and total was only  going to pay $12. So I turn the computer screen around to show her that the total was actually $13.85, and maybe a mistake had been made the week before but today it hadnt...  She ended up getting angry and yelling at me, bringing the manager out, who told me just to let her have what she wanted, because she was holding up all the other customers. She paid the $12 with an $100 note and then was pissed off because I didnt have change in my till and had to go out to the safe. Apparently my customer service was disgusting (she complained to management).

I know it was only $1.85 difference and at the end of the day not really worth holding up all the other customers and cafe service, but fuck, most people would know that u cant walk into a cafe, or any sort of business and decide how much it is your going to pay for a product or service - its not up to the customer!! Having said that, it is entirely up to the customer where they shop and eat and how much they want to spend, well if you dont like our prices or the service we provide to you, fuck off and shop elsewhere because we couldnt care less!! In fact, I would prefer you go and be a pain in the ass some place else!!
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