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   Posted Sep 22, 2008 - Views: 1380

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My boss calls a courier (Purolator) for a rush pick up. Within twenty minutes the courier arrives. My boss tell the guy to have a seat, she’ll be about half an hour typing the letter. The courier says he’s on rush deliveries and can’t wait twenty minutes. She starts yelling abuse at him, really mean stuff. He politely says “I don’t have to take this” and leaves while she’s screaming a shit-storm of abuse at him, even following him out into the parking lot.


Within minutes the supervisor from Purolator calls and my boss starts screaming at him that we’ll never use them again. After slamming the phone she declares “We’ll never use Purolator again!” The very next words out of her mouth were “Call Purolator to pick up our brochures from the printer.”


“…But… we’re not using Purolator anymore.”


“Why?” she asks, completely oblivious.


And she wasn’t playing dumb, she really didn’t know why. Seriously Whacko.


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