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   Posted Oct 08, 2008 - Views: 1328


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I am more pissed off then I have ever been!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday I received a letter from NY State Child Support Processing Center and they so nicely have fuckin informed me that they will now be collecting a NEW, FEDERALLY REQUIRED annual service fee of $25.00 per year for the collection of my child support from a fuckin deadbeat who wont pay it unless it is taken directly out of his paycheck, and guess what I get charged for this!!!!!!!!!! I am not a money grubber who took my ex for all I could, I worked with him because I understand he has bills to, I am even providing Health Insurance for my kids, which he is supposed to do or contribute to, which he does not. So I called just to make sure I'm understanding this letter, and yup sure as shit the money I depend on to feed, clothe, insure and put a roof over my children's head as well as try to put some aside for college is now subject to a service fee, never mind charging the assholes who can't be bothered to take care of their kids, no they charge us, this is going to far, if they collect an excess of $500.00 a year and have never had YANF of AFDC (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or Aid to Families with Dependant Children) you are now going to be charged!!!!!!!!! I understand that yes they provide a service, but shit the only reason we need this is because some parents won't pay child support so I think this is fuckin bullshit  - way to go government!!!!!!!!!!!! I may not be the best off or the worst off , but there are people out there who depend on every cent they get and have strict budgets and can't afford to have any money taken away from them - they need more freakin money shit they should look into all the freakin fraud in medicaid and other state/federal  assisted programs where people who really need it get turned down and people who don't need it milk the fuckin system and hide shit and lie. I think some investigative work is in order to see who thought this was a good fuckin idea and boy I am not going to take this lying down, If I can find a way to fight this for all of us who depend on this then I will, charge the fuckin deadbeats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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