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When I was still with her, my ex-girlfriend took me out to a really classy place for a steak dinner for my birthday.


After having too many aperitifs the steaks arrived. Mine was perfect, but she cut into her steak and loudly complained “Hey! This is well-done! I asked for rare!”


I asked her to keep it down as this was a classy place.


No Way
!” she thundered “I’m not letting them get away with this!” and she rudely told the Martre’D to take away the steak and bring her a steak which is rare.


Later, her new steak arrives. She cuts into the steak and looks totally pissed off.


“What’s wrong?” I ask “That looks nice and rare, just the way you like it.”


“Yeah, it’s cooked perfect” she says “but they brought me back the same steak!”


 “Honey” I said gingerly, “The last steak was well-done but this one is rare. How could they UN-cook a steak?”


“You’re such an idiot!” she says and shouts at the Maitre D. “I’m not stupid, you know! You brought me back the same steak! THE SAME STEAK!!”


No amount of explaining could convince her that a steak cannot be UN-cooked from well-done to rare. She said she knew better because… she is a waitress.



Happy birthday.

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