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   Posted Oct 29, 2008 - Views: 1278

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Years ago I was at a house party. Some guy brought a handgun and, to be cool, he set it on the coffee table for all to admire. A while later some more people show up at the party.


One of the new guys walks in and sees the handgun on the coffee table. The dumb-fuck grabs the gun, points it in someone’s face and pulls the trigger. Fortunately, the gun was unloaded. Everyone starts screaming at the asshole for being stupid, but all he would say over and over is “It wouldn’t be my fault! Guns aren’t supposed to be loaded!”


About a year alter the exact same thing happened at another party. Different people, different city. People are just to fucking stupid to be allowed to have guns.


Case in point: an 8-year-old just shot himself in the head with an Uzi. His father (a fucking doctor?!?) told the media that he can’t understand what happened, you see his son has been shooting handguns and rifles since he was 5 years old. (What moron would let a 5-year-old shoot handguns and rifles?) I’m tempted to say it’s an American stupidity but the first two stories are from . Many of my co-workers are avid hunters, they all BRAG that they like get shit-faced drunk and shoot into any rustling bush, shoot every living thing they see, and wish that the government would stop sending out scumbag CO’s to ruin their “harmless” fun (CO = Conservation Officer).


Gun enthusiasts never admit one glaring reality – there’s a huge difference between having a gun in the country and having a gun in the city. I’ve lost three friends to suicide by gun and people still tell me “So what? Don’t blame the gun.” Another glaring reality; the more guns there are – the more people get shot.  


People are just too fucking stupid to have guns.

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