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I went to the theatre to see a Japanese film based off a Japanese comic book (manga).  And there were a couple young teenagers that were extremely loud from the beginning before the movie started.  And it was annoying already to have to hear things like "OMg! Can you believe what happened with *insert name here* today in Econ!!!" or "Yeah i wonder how the part when he gets killed is going to be in the movie.  I wonder if they are going to keep that the same" I mean I already read it so i already know; but, the person that came with me knew nothing about the movie through the books.  Keep your mouth shut or keep it to a low whisper.

Then the movie starts and all hell breaks loose with these idiots.  They begin hooting and cheering when the characters are introduced and they say stupid things like "Take off your shirt" if there is a woman on the screen.  Or obvious stuff like "Omg he's eating so much candy look at that" I am not blind i do not need to listen to your moronic commentary.  I payed money to watch this.  They seriously were laughing at stupid things like a if there were two guys  having a deep serious conversation in the movie an idiot has to ruin it by saying "Oh no they are going to make out!!!" And i'm not kidding they would laugh at things that they were saying in the audience or stupid stuff on the screen.  "Look he has a mustache" I'm sorry but that is not funny to anyone above a 90 iq. 

I have never been so pissed off at the movies. I wasn't the only one a bunch of people were telling them to shut up but they just laughed at us....... at the end of the movie.  I was so angry that i sadly probably stooped down to their level and got a chunk of pennies in the dark and threw it at them. I got some dude in the head and he said "Awesome money!"....

Seriously if you go to a movie realize that people actually paid money... some people even worked an hour or more in their jobs to be abe to afford a night out at the movies since they jacked up the price to enter now adays.   Just be respectful of others is all i'm asking!

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