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   Posted Dec 24, 2008 - Views: 1719

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okay that title was a bit long for a title. what pisses me off is this. i'm in one lane and want to get in another lane because, say, i have a turn coming up in a mile or so. i check my mirrors, and i also check my little convex mirrors that actually cover the blind spot (and are truly useful once you learn to read them). i even turn my arthritic neck painfully to look in back of me. what i know I have is several hundred feet of empty lane good for turning in. so in accordance with my turn signal, i attempt the turn, only to have some major malfunctioning asshole scare the piss out of me appearing suddenly where two seconds ago there were no cars, and honking to ensure i get out of the way...the scare part comes from finding i am six inches from having a personal encounter with another vehicle. and the REASON i am this close to this moron is because they are going WAY far above the speed limit (as in 50 in a 25 zone), and have zoomed into my blind spot, ignored my turn signal and the fact that i already several feet into their lane, and have basically bullied me out of their way.

yeah, that is just one thing about driving that really pisses me off.

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