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   Posted Dec 26, 2008 - Views: 1169


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  Stupid People Piss Me Off has hard to navigate functionality and functions like the link button that are quirky. 

If you want to make a link clickable in a plogg, you have to use ctl + V which pastes the link into the plogg.

Then, you click the globe image in the toolbar navigation section when writing a plogg. 

This will pull up the place you MUST ALSO Ctl + V the link and hit OK

THEN, highlight the link that you pasted in the plogg AGAIN and go back up to the globe image and click it

The box will reload with some kind of error message like javascript:void(0);/*1230346427633*/

You simply repaste the link AGAIN then hit OK.

Now, the link should work when you submit the plogg.

How many of you also think this site should be redone with better functionality?
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