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Professional sports are the greatest waste of time in human history. Pro Sports only serve one function in society – to keep people distracted from stuff that really matters. It’s not that I hate pro sports – I hate sports FANS.

I live in Vancouver . During the Bertuzzi-Moore incident I learned to hate sports fans. Every sports fans I knew (I worked in a factory of over 100 workers) was screaming bloody murder at… Steve Moore! “Bertuzzi was in his rights to break Moore’s neck! Moore ’s a goof! Moore should die for this bullshit he’s pulling on poor Bertuzzi!” No shit, that’s how it went. Poor Bertuzzi – you’ve got to be kidding.

During the latest hockey strike fans were demanding that the government step-in and provide extra money to the hockey teams, so the players wouldn’t have to be “ripped off” by salary caps. When we are closing schools, mental hospitals and homeless shelters – Sports Fans demanded that we give extra millions to multi-millionaire hockey players. Fortunately that idea bit the dust.


Ask a sports fan “How did your team do last night?” and he’ll either say…

a) “WE won” clearly indicating that he considers himself a part of the team, and therefore deserves to share the glory with the winning time. After all they are “his” team.

b) “THEY lost” indicating that he has nothing whatsoever to do with those bums.


If their team wins the playoff they get totally drunk and party like it’s the momentous day in history, if their teams loses the playoff, they get totally drunk and start a riot. I absolutely despise mobs of drunks screaming “We’re Number One!” like they have anything to do with the victory.


Sports build character – bullshit. Have you ever seen a sports fan when his team loses? Have you ever gone to a local hockey arena and listened to ‘hockey parents’? They scream at their own kids for being ‘losers’. They scream obscenities at the top of their lungs in an arena full of families. They really are scum. But they are “sports fans” teaching their kids to “love” the game. What fucking bullshit.


Sports fans can’t comprehend that every one isn’t a sports fan. I’ve heard this a thousand times… “You don’t watch sports??? WHaaaa-a-a-at???? Who won’t let you watch sports? I’ll tell them to fuck-off for you! Are you Jehovah’s Witness? You must be joking! You are joking aren’t you? But you still watch the games, right? What do you do with your life?”


How is a man a HERO because he hit a ball really far? Doesn’t he get paid more than 15 surgeons to hit the ball really far? Is hitting a ball really 15 times as important the life-saving work a surgeon performs? Sports fans would say “Yes!” and that’s why…

Sports Fans are Stupid.

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