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   Posted Jan 14, 2009 - Views: 2288


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  A guy in my class announces (even to the teacher)  that Somebody Such and Such, one of his friends, got kicked out of high school, and now decided to go and get his GED. 

"Why?!" everyone asks him.  "That's so stupid!" (wail whiny chicks who deny their obvious love for him)  

"It's 'cause he got so many dean visit requests.  . . blah blah blah . . ."so they kicked him out for insubordination," says the evil thing monster. 
The whole room is concerned and gossip spreads around the whole room like a disease. 

Now this is a kid that we ALL know and see around daily in the halls.  He supposed to be smart, so smart it is hard to believe that he got kicked out of high school and is doomed to attend some sort of boot camp for delinquents. 

A couple days soon after, during passing period I see this "kicked out kid" in the hall.  He sees me too and jumps with surprise and hides behind somebody else.   Turns out that this "smart" kid has been hiding from everybody in that class for the past week and the whole story was some sort of joke that those two came up with together.    Seriously?  The idiots were playing us the  whole time. 
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